Water Tank:
New Installs, Pilot Lighting, Thermocouple Replacement,
Shut off Valves, and more.
YoAss   com
Good People, Helping Good People.
The name had 2 B catchy, so "Yo Ass" would remember 2 come back!
Let's get this straight up front,
I don't play in Sh%t for free!!!!
To many disease & bacterial infections @ risk.
$65.00 Service Call
I install "A" grade "PEX" pipe.
Replace that galvinized, copper & CPVC.
Toilet Repairs:
Toilet Installations, All Tank Repairs
Toilet Seats, Supply Lines, Leaks & Clogged Toilets
Sink Repairs:
Install Faucets, Pedestal, Bowls & Cabinets
Traps, Leaks, Clogs, Supply Lines